Welcome to the official website of Billy Bretherton.

Most of you know him as Billy from the hit show “Billy The Exterminator“. Billy took a 7 month hiatus but he’s back and better than ever.

For all of you that are wanting to know if there will be any new episodes of “Billy The Exterminator“. No, sadly “Billy The Exterminator” has reached the end of it’s run.

8Billy will be posting a press release about what happend to the show, and a few other events right here on his site in the near future.

Billy The Exterminator” may not be returning but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be seeing Billy Bretherton back on Tv. Now that Billy has had time to put issues that he had been dealing with during the filming of the final season of “Billy The Exterminator” behind him he is more focused than ever on a new tv project.

Keep checking back here at the Official website of Billy Bretherton for updates on his latest project.

Billy Bretherton discovered his love of entomology during his 4-years in the US Air Force where he was trained in extermination and animal control. He spent 2 years studying entomology and advanced pest control at Purdue University and is a certified master in termite control from LSU. During his 26 years experience in animal and pest control, Billy has wrangled and trapped the creepiest of creatures. His favorite job was at a 15-story building infested with more than 80,000 cockroaches. Billy says, “When we flushed out and killed the cockroaches they ran into the city streets covering the cars and buildings for 5 city blocks in every direction. We saw roaches 5 stories up on the outside of surrounding buildings. I couldn’t believe the mess we created.” Billy’s work has been recognized by both the House of Representatives and the Senate of the State of Louisiana.